Monday, February 10, 2020

DISCUSSION BOARD PART 2-2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

DISCUSSION BOARD PART 2-2 - Essay Example These requirements include the literature must be peer reviewed, organized chronologically, recent (3-5 years old), compare and contrast different points of view among others. My study being a qualitative study, I perceive this as a challenge in that many studies are quantative in nature. In this regard, I have to go through so much literature against limited time, to compare and contrast my thinking with others. The second challenge that can come from this research is few respondents. A qualitative research requires considerable skill and little direction. According to smith et al, qualitative research has a high dross rate because of participants digressing form the main issue (Smith et al, 2008). When collecting data in a mixed cultural set up, some individuals may be unwilling to respond or give information asked. This will result in a bias because I have to reselect the sample. A challenge may arise on meeting respondents that cannot speak the languages I speak because this prev ents an open dialogue because. A third challenge is meeting a doctoral chair from the faculty that suits my interests and learning schedule. To ensure competency in this research I have set aside time to study and do research to ensure that I can make correct contrasts and comparisons. I have researched for a good research question to propel this study, stated the research design well, and identified the method as qualitative. Already I have started working on research questions that are short, prompting, and structured. The choice of questions has taken into account three challenges earlier stated, reducing any bias in the study. A successful student doctoral study chair relationship is critical. Building a relationship with the chair requires a student first to communicate regularly through emails, especially during the first few weeks after approval. Checking with the chair with the preferred means of

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