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Should gay couples be Able to marry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Should gay couples be Able to marry - Essay Example It is an abnormal attitude no doubt, but this abnormality is found at noticeable rate in several developing as well as developed societies. Because of this homosexual attraction, people are found searching legality to legalize the activity. However according to several schools of thoughts the upshots of this practice are different but still questionable. When two males are indulged in the said practice, it is known as gay’s marriage whereas when two females are found in the same state of physical relationship, it is called lesbian marriage. Throughout the paper, here is the several aspects of gay marriage will be discussed briefly including religion, legality, socialism etc. Christian sexual ethics are referred as controversial so far. There are two famous beliefs of Christianity i.e., Catholicism and Protestantism. However both of them are interrelated to each other. The primarily components to form the religion are not more heterogeneous. As far as sexual beliefs concerned, there are many interpretations found such that it has taken a shape of unanswered in a satisfactory manner. The bible reveals that love should be paid to different than one. This indicates heterogeneity in sexual ethics because it is the natural way which is prescribed by God in His revelation. The so called liberal experts are also found discussing on this issue. The increasing number of gay marriages has become a point to be considered for authorities. The religious leaders have recently joint together against gay marriage plans. The issue was taken serious in such a way protestants as well as catholic leaders were stood together to protest against an unethical activity. The natural way of heterogeneity in marriages is advised in order to avoid several kinds of social as well religious issues. Still it is a controversy because many religious leaders are also found in support of this activity in the name of so called self-awareness and freedom of actions. They claim that a human be ing is born free and he is free to do anything to get happiness. The excessively spreading abnormality in the society is gay marriage. It is a kind of social illness. Medical science has reported a number of psychological and physical diseases that could occur because of this practice. Empirical studies show that this is a cause of numerous psychological diseases. Homosexuality is not a normal symptom in a human being because it is completely opposite to the rules of nature. The new generation is getting affected because of this emerging practice. The philosophical as well as the psychological hindrance come in the way of this illogical concept which has been adopted by many people in modern world. The history of gay marriages is not new. It is as older as the issue itself is. In ancient times, the roman slaves were found indulged in such activities but it was practiced in a hidden manner. But nowadays it has been practiced in a completely open manner. Gays are found wondering openl y which causes a bad impact on other people’s minds who are just viewers including little kids. The psychology refers it as a mental disorder because it deviates from the natural behavior of sexuality that is sought to be present in human beings. It has certain therapies as well as treatments in order to get cured. It is morally as well ethically ill practice which must be estopped by authoritative bodies. Legal issues regarding homosexual marriages are questionable as well as a matter of condemn in religious and

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DISCUSSION BOARD PART 2-2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

DISCUSSION BOARD PART 2-2 - Essay Example These requirements include the literature must be peer reviewed, organized chronologically, recent (3-5 years old), compare and contrast different points of view among others. My study being a qualitative study, I perceive this as a challenge in that many studies are quantative in nature. In this regard, I have to go through so much literature against limited time, to compare and contrast my thinking with others. The second challenge that can come from this research is few respondents. A qualitative research requires considerable skill and little direction. According to smith et al, qualitative research has a high dross rate because of participants digressing form the main issue (Smith et al, 2008). When collecting data in a mixed cultural set up, some individuals may be unwilling to respond or give information asked. This will result in a bias because I have to reselect the sample. A challenge may arise on meeting respondents that cannot speak the languages I speak because this prev ents an open dialogue because. A third challenge is meeting a doctoral chair from the faculty that suits my interests and learning schedule. To ensure competency in this research I have set aside time to study and do research to ensure that I can make correct contrasts and comparisons. I have researched for a good research question to propel this study, stated the research design well, and identified the method as qualitative. Already I have started working on research questions that are short, prompting, and structured. The choice of questions has taken into account three challenges earlier stated, reducing any bias in the study. A successful student doctoral study chair relationship is critical. Building a relationship with the chair requires a student first to communicate regularly through emails, especially during the first few weeks after approval. Checking with the chair with the preferred means of